Beach Ball Sharing/Education

Description: Throwing a ball around to each other, answering  or making statements in response to questions or prompts written on the ball.

Purpose(s): Education and ice-breaker or energiser

Time: 10-20 mins

Resources: One big beach ball prepared in advance - if the group is around 40 people you may want to use two balls and mix the participants up on a second round.

Instructions: Get a BIG inflatable beach ball and use a permanent fine or medium point marker to write all of the following questions on it. This will take quite some time, but you can do it some night in front of the television. The resulting tool is an "icebreaker ball" that you can use over and over.

You can use it in a large group and throw it around. The person who catches it has to answer the question or speak the quote out loud, which is touching their left thumb. They then say their name, answer the question and throw it to someone else. Some questions are general knowledge facts that some people may not. In this case the answers have been written in brackets in the list below - not to be written on the ball :-), so that you can jump in with the answers, if need be.

What follow are some suggestions. Add/delete/edit them to suit - a great opportunity to educate and get a message across and create a mood amongst the group:

If you talked your sleep, what would you say?
What food do you grow in your own backyard?
What is your favourite movie line?
What is the world population today/what was it in 1980? (6.7Billion  -  4.5Billion)
What do Martians do for fun on Mars?
How many barrels of oil do we consume each day - worldwide? (84 million)
Where is the worst place you've ever been stuck waiting?
How many acres of forest were lost last year? (18 million)
What is your "15 minutes" of fame?
How many under nourished people are there in the world today? (1 Billion)
How much is spent on weight loss programmes in the US in 1 year? ($26 billion)
What one object in your home are you most embarrassed about owning?
How many people do not have access to safe drinking water? (1.4 Billion)
What is your greatest addiction?
What was the worldwide Military spending in 2000? ($780 Billion)
Approximately, how many books have you read in the past year?
How much was spent on cosmetics in the US in 2000? ($8 Billion)
What is your greatest phobia?
How much was spent on pet foods in the US and Europe in 2000? ($17 Billion)
If you were given a canvas and water colors, what would you paint?
What would it cost to give universal access to basic education for all ($6 Billion)
If you owned an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
What would it cost to give universal access to clean water for all ($9 Billion)
What is your life long dream?
What hobby have you always wanted to pick up?
What is it about you that people find irresistable?
If you were any animal, what would you be?
What event or technological breakthrough do you think will revolutionize the future?
What do you need more of right now?
What is the most beautiful word you can think of?
What three adjectives best describe you?
If you were on a desert island, what two books would you want with you?
What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone?
What is the most common compliment people give you?
What is the best purchase you've ever made?
If you could add any word to the dictionary what would it be?
If you were in a plane that was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?
What is the longest period of time you have spent in a car?
If you were a teacher which subject would you teach?
What latest trend simply baffles you?
What are you most proud of?
What's the best advice you're ever received?
What is the grossest thing you've ever done in public?