Challenges of Building a Liveable City

Challenges of Building a Liveable City

  • Accommodating population growth and providing for demographic changes

  • Responding in a timely integrated way to rapid growth (urban, rural and coastal)

  • Changing how we do business in response to new realities (e.g. climate change, resource depletion and global economic crisis)

  • Managing pressures on our natural environment

  • Encouraging more opportunities for education and employment
  • Future proofing against increasing energy prices and unreliability
    of supply

  • Lobbying for investment in key regional infrastructure

  • Providing housing choices
    and options

  • Moving people and goods

  • Demanding more sustainable development practices

  • Precautionary approach - keeping future options open

Given our spatial planning, how well placed
will our communities be to face the challenges
and opportunities of the long-term future?