Four Short Energizer Activities

Description: A list of easy to follow energisers and ice-breakers that can be used as needed.

Purpose(s): Energising a group when the energy drops, and/or as ice-breakers when a group first comes together.

Time: 5-15mins

Resources: As described in each one (underlined in bold)


1) Truth, truth, lie - Good for getting to know each other and have a bit of a laugh.

Give the group some time to write down two things about themselves that are true, and one thing that is a “lie.”  Each group member will then share these facts about themselves and the rest of the group has to figure out which “fact” is actually a “lie.”

2) Mumble jumble - Good for actively working together across a large group.

Preparation: Cut up a few pictures into puzzle pieces (use an old magazine) and place them in a bag

Each person takes a piece of a puzzle from the bag, keeping it to themselves until you tell them to, “GO!”  At this point, everyone works to locate the others with the pieces to form the pictures.  A good activity for breaking into activity groups.

If you know you want groups of four, have pictures that are cut into four pieces, and so on. With a little careful preparation, you can have materials needed to form the right number of groups of any size.

3) Geographic location
- Good for encouraging networking

Each group member is from a different geographic location, but together they will form a map. Once a map's boundaries have been established eg: "Which part of Manukau do you live in?", each group member will stand where he/she thinks they belong to make the map as close to scale as possible.

You could run this several times with different questions, such as "Which part of Manukau do you work in?"

4) Yurt Circle - Trust, teamwork, communication

Choose a clear, open area for this activity, as participants are quite likely to fall forward and backwards until they get the hang of it. Participants should stand in a circle, facing inward and holding hands. Then, step backwards until everyone is stretched out but still able to have a firm grip on the two people whose hands they are holding. Everyone needs to keep their feet planted and lean back as far as they can. They must use the group to maintain their balance. Once they have done this, number off the group into 1's and 2's, alternating around the circle. Then, have the 1's lean in and the 2's lean out at the same time. Each person should be able to lean in or out while being held up by their neighbours.


Resources required: Games Resource List (PDF, 124 KB)