Global Differences in World Views

Global Differences in World Views


  • Some global drivers are more acute in some parts of the world than others. An example is climate change.


  • Arctic Ice melt isn’t so visible down under.


  • In North America and Europe, where it is more visible, are consequently ahead of New Zealand in making policy and economic commitments.


  • These will impact on New Zealand.  Rather than ignore these forces, we need to recognise and work with them.



New Zealand is a lucky country, a temperate, maritime, good growing climate; and in 2060 we won’t be nationally water deficit although the East will suffer more droughts and the West will be wetter. We have ample resources to provide renewable energy without high greenhouse gas emitting energy sources. So we have the ability to both be self sufficient in many of our core needs plus export to our neighbours, for example Australia, who may have mineral resources but are less endowed in the biological resources that are required for life. We have an opportunity to adapt to the forces or drivers of future change but “Renewal” is where we need to be heading.