Group Juggle

Description: A simple fun way to break the ice, have some fun and learn each others names by throwing balls around a circle to each other.

Purpose(s): Ice breaker and building familiarity amongst the group

Time: 10 - 20 mins

Resources: Soft and small balls for throwing to one another. Maybe add some soft toys and other objects.

Instructions: There are several levels to this. Take it as far as you wish.

Set up and instructions for 1st round of group juggling


  • Arrange participants in a circle, not too close, not too far from one another. Include yourself in the circle.
  • Explain that you are going to throw a ball to someone - pick someone out & ask their name, then say:

"Hi Freddy, my name is you go!" [then underarm throw a ball to Freddy]

  • Instruct Freddy to say: "Thank you James", pick someone and say: "Hi X, my name is you go!" [throw]....they say: "Thank you, Freddy" and on we go.
  • "Take it slow, there's no hurry."

2nd round of group juggling

  • "Good, so how about we do it again, but this time, let's speed it up a little, OK?  Here we go...Hi Freddy, my name is James...." [throw]
  • It will go pretty fast this time, and the group will probably feel quite pleased with themselves.

3rd round of group juggling - introducing more balls

  • "That's great, but I think you can do faster than that.  Come on, let's see how we can really go..."  Then throw and say the name with super fast enthusiasm to set the tone!
  • After the first ball has passed through a few hands, take a 2nd ball out of your pocket (surprise!), and casually, but earnestly say "Hi Freddy...." [throw].
  • By now everyone is so well trained, the 2nd ball will automatically keep going, and there will be a detectable sense of challenge/excitement.
  • After a bit, I introduce a 3rd and 4th ball. A group of 12 adults can usually handle 4 quite well.
  • Once the group seems competent at 4 balls you have the option of introducing an unmanageable number of balls into the juggle & maybe also weird objects (e.g., kids soft toys) which all gets crazy, fun, out of control, etc. and ends in a hilarious shambles.