Key Messages for Towards 2060

Key Messages for Towards 2060

We can’t know the future but we can have a vision of what is preferable and plausible and plan for it.


Our current resource use and degradation of the environment is unsustainable but we can change that situation by smarter thinking, living, manufacturing and economic systems.  Our plans and actions now shouldn’t limit future options.


We want cities and communities which are resilient to future drivers of change including the economic and social changes from climate change and oil scarcity.


Intergenerational wisdom is an important aspect of what we learn.  Indigenous peoples, here and overseas, learnt over many centuries to live in a better balance with the environment that sustained them.


People can have a say in their own and their communities’ future through their actions and their involvement with democratic processes.


Fulfilling all peoples’ basic needs is a fundamental principle of sustainable development.