Manukau City

Manukau City


Basic climate and energy information

Produced by NIWA, August 2009

- based on the IPCC 4th report.




"So what does this mean for Manukau?"


For full report see MCC09101-report-FINAL-31Aug09.pdf[Adobe Acrobat PDF - 4.15 MB]



NIWA have recently carried out a report for Manukau on projected climate change and also energy futures for the region. The following slides are a small sample of the key changes that will occur.

There are a couple of things to note. First, the changes for Manukau are only the physical changes. In addition, there are the changes to the socio-economic environment that come from being part of a national and global network.

Secondly, and quite worryingly, the research is, like the national impacts, based on research which is now out of date, eg. 3 years old and likely to be at the lower end of any impacts we could have. So they provide an indication of how things can evolve but the magnitude of change is very likely to be greater.