New Zealand Climate Change

Climate Change Impacts in New Zealand


Is it less of a problem for NZ?

  • There is less warming than for much of the world, especially the Northern hemisphere…

… but!
  • Sea level rise is the same as global average (if not more)

  • much smaller budget for adaptation than larger countries

  • same complexity and range of issues

  • high dependence on natural resources and exports

  • and NZ is intimately connected with rest of the world through tourism, exports, security, aid, migration, technology and raw materials →

    • flow-on effects of international policy!

Resource: climate change and peak oil for New Zealanders.pdf [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.05 MB]


There is a perception that climate change will not be as severe in New Zealand as in other countries. It is true that we may not be as immediately impacted from the direct changes as some countries because of our relative isolation, maritime climate and productive landscape. However we cannot be complacent as there will be direct impacts, especially from increased extreme events as well as the impacts of international policy. Not playing our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions won’t be an option; other leaders will expect us to play our part, irrespective of how minimal our contribution to global greenhouse gases may seem.