Description: Taking time to honour oneself and energise the body via activating pressure points on the body.

Purpose(s): Energiser, relaxer, self-care

Time: 5-10 mins

Resources: None

Instructions: Ask everyone to stand up. Then read the following instructions to people at a pace that seems natural and allows everyone to enjoy a few moments of self-care and energising.


  • Breath into your abdomen and push the energy out into your hands, rubbing the palms together and energising them.
  • Massage your palms and then fingertip.
  • Wipe your face, your forehead, then eyes, and throat.
  • Tap your head lightly - front, and then back.
  • Block your ears with heel of your hand, and lightly drum on the base of the back of your neck with your fingers.
  • Pinch your ears - starting at the lobes and working around the edge of your ears.
  • Lightly drum your upper chest with your finger tips.
  • Massage your stomach in a clockwise direction.
  • Now tap your kidneys.
  • And pummell your buttocks. They can take a beating - we carry lots of tension here.
  • Brush your arms from shoulders to fingertips.
  • Brush your legs from your thighs to your ankles.
  • Now bounce up and down on your heels a few times and let your breath out - with an audible sigh (demonstrate the audible sigh).

Source: Ruth Marsh