Self-teaching Peak Oil and Climate Change Talks

Description: A group gives itself a Peak Oil or Climate Change presentation.
A fun way for getting people familiar with peak oil or climate change issues.

Purpose(s): Education - Ice-breaker

Time: Allocate 20-40 mins

Resources: Simply print a good peak oil or climate change powerpoint presentation onto A4 sheets, and on the back of each sheet put some text (short and to the point) which explains the slide. Print enough for the size of the group.

Instructions: Distribute the pages among the participants and, like guests at a party, invite them to mingle and to tell each other the information on their ‘slides’.  The Peak Oil presentation has 15 slides, so people can mingle until they share their slide with up to 14 other people, each of whom has a unique slide to share in return.

Source: Tools for transition in The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins

Resources required: Games Resource List (PDF, 124 KB)