The Natural Step ABCD method for creating a sustainable future

How to Achieve a Sustainable Future

  1. Raise awareness of future pressures and opportunities
  2. Understand the present context (baseline)
  3. Define a compelling but plausible future
  4. Then define the steps required to take you there and measures to ensure we are moving in the right direction


The ABCD method is a systematic way to "back-cast" from principles.


Raising Awareness is essential and involves the use of the funnel and discussion about some of the forces of  change and the system conditions which help define sustainable development.


Examining the Baseline of where the individual, business or community is at now involves consideration against the sytem conditions.


Now brainstorm a vision or visions which Create a possible plausible preferred future and backcast to the present to derive solutions which take us from where we are now to a sustainable community or organisation.


Finally we need to get Down to action, set priorities and make the changes that are required for success.