Description: Using cards that relate to one another, the participants' task is to find the connections.

Purpose(s): A way to reveal the importance of systems thinking, and the usefulness of acknowledging the importance of at least some people being able to see the big picture.

Time: Allocate 15 mins

Resources: A pack of "Zoom" cards. These large cards have pictures on them that relate to part of someone else's picture.  One set of cards is sufficient for about 30-40 people.

Instructions:  Give each person one of the cards from the "Zoom" set and ask them not to show it to anyone.

Through engaging in conversation, find as many people as you can who have cards with some content that relates to yours.

After a while everyone displays their cards and the goal is to form a circle which shows the progressive zooming back from a detail in one picture to a big picture of the detail in the adjacent one, which in turn has a detail in it that expands, and so on...

When the game is complete, there is an opportunity to discuss the learnings, inviting contributions, and offering anything that may have been overlooked.

Resources required: Games Resource List (PDF, 124 KB)